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Root Canal Therapy in Placerville, CA

Root canals are possibly the most famous dental procedure which is related to endodontics, and they are vital for treating infections within the tooth. An untreated tooth infection can be excruciating and lead to more severe complications, such as an abscess or tooth loss. People who undertake a root canal treatment experience incredible relief from chronic pain associated with a tooth infection, allowing them to eat without discomfort. While the prospect of needing a root canal can seem alarming, advancements in dental technology have made the process as comfortable as possible. At Robert E. Anderson, D.D.S. in Placerville, California, we strive to create a relaxing environment for all of our patients to ensure a calm and pleasing endodontic experience.

How Can a Root Canal Help?

  • Relieves the tooth pain
  • Permanently eliminate the tooth sensitivity
  • Treats and prevents a dental abscess and bone loss
  • Save an acutely infected tooth
  • Prevents an extraction

The Root Canal Procedure

Before the root canal begins, our dentist, Dr. Anderson, will use a local anesthetic to the affected area to ensure your comfort throughout the procedure. Then an opening will be made into the center of the tooth using a specialized electrical drilling tooth. After carefully removing any infected tissue, the root canals are thoroughly cleaned. Next, the disinfected canals are filled with a medicated substance called gutta-percha. The opening of the tooth is sealed with a filling material. In order to further strengthen the treated tooth and preserve its structural integrity, it can be covered with a customized restoration such as a dental crown. The crown can be designed to match the existing tooth.

Root Canal Aftercare

Although you may experience some soreness for a few days following your root canal procedure, most patients can overcome the discomfort with pain medication. You should avoid chewing on the side of your mouth where the procedure was performed to avoid disturbing the area and ensure that the temporary restorative material is set correctly. You will also need to take an antibiotic to cure any lingering infection in your tooth. If you experience an increasing amount of tenderness or pain, a reaction to the medication, or the loss of the temporary restorative filling, you should call our office immediately. Maintaining efficient oral hygiene practices, including brushing and flossing regularly, is critical for ensuring the success of your root canal procedure. It is also recommended to schedule dental exams and professional teeth cleanings twice a year. All these preventive measures will go a long way in safeguarding your tooth from future problems.

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