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Gum diseases are severe oral conditions that, if left untreated, can lead to eventual bone and tooth loss. Scaling and root planing procedures will help eliminate the ailment if you have advanced gum disease. At Robert E. Anderson, D.D.S. in Placerville, California, we provide effective treatments to prevent gum diseases and ensure a healthy oral cavity. We recommend that you undertake regular check-ups and cleanings to help you maintain good oral health. We will remove the plaque and tartar deposits before they can lead to gum diseases, gum recession, and the need for extensive treatments.

How Do Gum Diseases Progress?

Oral bacteria and plaque, a sticky substance that develops on the surfaces of your teeth, can cause gum irritation. When your gums get irritated, your immune system reacts by sending an inflammatory response, which causes swelling of your gums. When this occurs, the gums recede away from your teeth and form tiny pockets. Bacteria then accumulate into these pockets and begin to attack your jawbone and periodontal ligaments. As a result, your teeth become loose; gums start to recede and may also result in tooth loss.

Scaling & Root Planing Procedure

Scaling and root planing involve the process of intense deep cleaning of your teeth below the gumline. Dr. Anderson will perform a periodontal examination and evaluate the condition of your gums and measure your periodontal pockets. We may also take X-Rays of the oral structures to assess the situation of your teeth and jaw bone below the gum line. Based on the diagnosis, and if necessary, we may go ahead with a scaling and root planing procedure.

To begin the scaling and root planing process, Dr. Anderson will administer a local anesthetic to keep you comfortable throughout the treatment. We use specialized tools to remove the harmful accumulations from below your gum line. They include plaque, hardened tartar, bacteria, and other debris formed on the surfaces of your teeth.

 After completing scaling and root planing, we will allow your gums to heal for about four to six weeks. Then we will review the condition of your gums. Based on your periodontal disease's initial severity and healing, we may recommend further treatments.

Benefits of Scaling & Root Planing

There are numerous benefits to scaling and root planing:

  • The procedure is minimally invasive   
  • The inflammation and irritation of your gums are reduced
  • There will be less gum bleeding when you brush
  • It will improve your breath 
  • There will be an overall improvement of inflammation throughout your whole body
  • This procedure may cure periodontal disease if detected and performed early 


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