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Cosmetic Fillings in Placerville, CA

Minor cavities and fractures may leave your teeth with defects that progress over time if untreated. The modern cosmetic fillings blend into the tooth and provide an excellent option for restoring an impaired tooth. They can completely renovate the look of your teeth. Cosmetic dental fillings are the most preferred type because of their natural appearance. 

At Robert E. Anderson, D.D.S. in Placerville, California, we specialize in using tooth-colored fillings that blend easily with the natural tooth restoring strength and aesthetics.

What Are Cosmetic Fillings?

Cosmetic fillings are a great alternative to traditional metal dental fillings as they blend in effortlessly with your teeth. These filings are composed of powdered glass, ceramics, and resin. Cosmetic fillings can be designed to match the color of your natural enamel and are therefore discreet. People who receive cosmetic fillings can smile and engage with others confidently, knowing that their fillings will not be visible clearly. In addition, tooth-colored fillings are more robust than older fillings and bond well with the surrounding structures. 

Benefits of Cosmetic Fillings

Maintain Tooth Health

Composite is an amalgam of powdered glass-like particles and acrylic resin used in the tooth-colored filling. Cosmetic fillings work excellently for cavities. Most of the healthy enamel structure can be preserved, and the material holds that structure tightly together to prevent fracture and further decay.

Natural Appearance

The cosmetic dental fillings give a completely natural look and won't be noticed when you smile or speak.

Avoid Allergens

Patients with a family history of metal allergies are allergic to the matter present in conventional amalgam fillings. But cosmetic fillings can repair the teeth without causing an allergic reaction.


Cosmetic fillings can last for many years but, eventually, all fillings need to be replaced. Composite materials provide good durability in small to moderate dental restorations. They can withstand the chewing and biting forces very well. Composite fillings are robust enough for use in molar teeth.

Single Appointment

Cosmetic filling procedures can be completed in a single appointment, and there is no recovery period involved.

Cosmetic Fillings Process

Cosmetic fillings can be secured in a single dental appointment. Dr. Anderson will first numb your affected tooth using anesthesia and prepare it by removing the decayed matter. The tooth's surface is then meticulously cleaned with disinfectants and roughened up to prepare it for the placement of composite material.

Next, the composite filling is applied in layers, and a unique laser light is employed to harden the material. The tooth is then precisely shaped and polished to match the color and shape of the adjoining teeth. The treated tooth can feel sensitive, but it will eventually subside.


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